Self Billing Agreement Form

This is an agreement to a self-billing procedure between:

Customer name Recruitment Funding Solutions

VAT number

Registered Limited Company Name

VAT number


Start date    
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The self-biller, Recruitment Funding Solutions Ltd, (the customer) agrees:

  • To issue self-billed invoices for all supplies and services supplied to them by the self-billee (the supplier) until the end of the agreed contract term.
  • To complete self-billed invoices showing the supplier's name, address and VAT registration number, together with all details which constitute a full VAT invoice.
  • To make a new self-billing agreement in the event that their VAT registration number changes.

The self-billee agrees:

  • To accept invoices raised by their self-biller on their behalf until the end of the agreed contract term.
  • Not to raise sales invoices for the transactions covered by this agreement.
  • To notify the customer immediately if they:
    • Change their VAT number
    • Cease to be VAT registered
    • Sell their business as a whole or in part

Please accept this as acceptance of the agreement.


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Please note if you do not agree to self-billing, you must provide VAT invoices, and where relevant credit notes, which match to the payment prior to each payment.

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Signed by Alex Grant
Signed On: 10th March 2023

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