What entrepreneurs have in common

When looking at successful entrepreneurs, it is only natural to look for a pattern, something they all have that sets them apart from everybody else.

Some point to education, where they grew up, or how rich their families were. Whilst it is undeniable that such factors can have a significant impact on how successful a person is, when looking at successful entrepreneurs, that is, those who have changed markets, a different pattern emerges, that of personality. It would seem that your personality, your mindset, your drive, are much more important than how many degrees you have when it comes to success.

You have what it takes!

It is normal to look at the likes of Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson and think that they are different to the rest of us in some way, that they are a type-A person; academically excellent and incredibly ruthless. However, studies have shown that this just isn’t true. Research has revealed that the top two personality traits shown by entrepreneurs are perception and intuition. This suggests that success isn’t dependent on being the smartest, but rather it comes to those individuals who can identify opportunities and take them. To further breakdown the common traits of successful entrepreneurs and show you that you can have these also, we have put together the following five common personality traits.


All successful entrepreneurs share a passion for what they do. Whilst money and success are of course important, they are not the sole drivers behind their success, initially, there has to be a passion for what you do. This passion is evident in the time and effort needed to be put into a successful business. From the long hours required, the extra work and of course the responsibilities. That is why passion is so important – you need to love what you are doing so that all this hard work doesn’t serve to put you off.

Staying focusing on your dream makes such hard work possible. Successful business people understand this and embrace hard work, often long after they need to. Steve Jobs, the iconic leader of Apple, once stated, “I\’m convinced that about half of what separates the successful entrepreneurs from the non-successful ones is pure perseverance.”

Motivate yourself and others

Being a leader means you have to remain motivated yourself and be able to motivate those around you. Having this drive to succeed is essential and often comes from the passion and love they have for their business. It is this passion, and their ability to pass this onto others that often makes successful entrepreneurs very successful entrepreneurs. Knowing your vision and being able to clearly communicate this to others is important. If you want your staff to invest in your company, your dream, then you need to be able to pass your passion to them, to make them want to join you on your journey.

The glass is half full

With all the stresses related to starting out on your own, it is understandable to become a bit pessimistic sometimes. It is important to try and eliminate such thinking. Successful business people are often positive, very positive. They focus on opportunities and the future rather than obstacles and what could have been. This ability to stay positive can, of course, be difficult, but it can be made much easier if you stay true to your plan. By remaining clear in your goals and ensuring your team is also, will help you on your path to success. Staying to your plan and knowing your goals will help you and others to remain positive. Try to always ensure that everything you do has a purpose and that this purpose is aimed at helping you realise your goals.

Think outside the box

Creativity is another common trait found among successful entrepreneurs. Their ability to look at things from another angle, to see things differently, is often what makes them so successful in the future. Businesses are often formed on big ideas, and these ideas usually come from looking at an issue in a creative way – differently from the usual. This ability, desire to think outside of the box enables you to improve existing processes, to identify new opportunities. Such thinking has led to ideas that have changed the world. Whilst you are not expected to change the world just yet, the more you think creatively the easier the process becomes and the more likely you are to come across good ideas.

Take risks

As has been mentioned, successful business people are not opposed to taking risks. When starting your own business, you too must exhibit such bravery, understanding that risk-taking is a natural part of running a business. You must be clear in the knowledge that in order to realise your goals and dreams, you must take risks from time to time. Remaining safe and complacent will prevent you from achieving greatness, and you should therefore not be afraid to take a leap of faith now and again. You should try to view such risks as opportunities, to focus on the rewards rather than the risks involved.

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