Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We’re pretty confident that the funding solutions we provide are straightforward and easy to understand. We specialise in working with recruitment businesses of all sizes and at all stages of maturity, so we speak the same language as you and understand the specific nuances that are unique to the recruitment industry.


However, we know that sometimes there’ll be some extra questions that you want to ask and have answered. To save you time and help make the decision to work with RFS that much easier, we’ve included some of those frequently asked questions below.

Can I...

At this stage, the RFS funding option is geared towards funding contract placements. However, if you have specific requirements relating to permanent placements, then please do contact us to discuss.

Of course you can. Please call 03300 539 439 and speak to one of our consultants today.


Alternatively, please use the contact form or the chatbot in the bottom right of this page to request a callback.

Our fees are designed to be clear and transparent, highly competitive in the marketplace and supported by an in-depth, sector-specific understanding of the market that we know is crucial to our customers. Our service is more than just a funding facility therefore we believe our fees to be commensurate with what we bring to the table for our customers. Our fees are therefore not negotiable.

Of course. We can provide standardised terms and conditions documents that agencies are free to use.


Please request this via the contact form or through our chatbot.


Alternatively, if you already have or use terms, or need to work to clients’ terms, then we can work that way too.

Set up questions

RFS provides funding solutions to recruitment businesses. As stated above, as part of the risk free nature of working with RFS, your clients will engage with RFS via a Tri-Partite contract which allows RFS to take on the responsibility of collecting funds from your clients, leaving you worry free and able to get on with day to day recruitment.

Yes – the key relationships you have with your clients will remain the same. The role of RFS is to simplify the more administrative tasks and therefore help you to continue to build on those crucial existing relationships in place.

Our attitude to risk is a sensible one. Each prospective client is credit checked to ensure that the invoices we have outstanding with them at any time are recoverable and that the amount of credit the client may need can be insured sufficiently. Ask yourself this question – if credit can’t be obtained for a company, do you really want to do business with them?

When working with RFS, your agency has total protection from any bad debt. This is because RFS take on the collection process for you.

For agencies, 100% of the profit will be paid directly one week after the timesheet has been approved. Our systems will automatically generate all relevant invoices and management information, as required.

The short answer is, YES. Once you place the temporary worker, the following week we will transfer the margin, your profit, by midday.

As far as insuring the debt, this is all covered by the RFS service, so no additional insurance is required. Credit terms and limits must obviously be adhered too though.

No. There are no set up costs or fees for our service. The RFS fees are completely straight forward and transparent to understand.

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