How to write effective job adverts

We published a post on our LinkedIn page recently, re-sharing a post from the team at idibu, about “How to write engaging job adverts (and why it still matters)”.

If you’ve not seen the original post from RFS, be sure to follow our LinkedIn company page or check out the original post from idibu HERE.

The idibu article takes you through some solid foundational marketing points about how to write a good job advert. They explain why most job adverts don’t work and why the wrong candidates are applying to your job advert, before going on to explain how to write a great job advert.

Seeing the article from idibu and sharing it on our LinkedIn company page got us thinking that there’s probably a lot of good resources like this that are being developed with recruiters in mind, so going forward, if we see something we think will add value to the recruitment businesses we work with, we’ll share it with our network – both on LinkedIn and here, on our corporate media pages. If you come across something you think is worth sharing, let us know and we’ll add it to the list.

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