RFS launch fee comparison service

Recruitment Funding Solutions (RFS), the specialist recruitment funding provider, has launched a brand-new fee comparison service. Available as a completely free, no-obligation service, agencies answer a handful of questions about their current funding provider and the charges or fees they apply to help understand the genuine fee they’re being charged.
Alex Grant, Managing Director at RFS commented,
“It’s surprising just how many recruitment agencies are lured in by a headline rate from a funding provider, then have extra charges and fees applied without realising the impact this has on the overall cost of the service. Our fee comparison service helps demonstrate the difference between the headline rate typically advertised by funders and the actual rate charged after additional fees are applied.”
RFS funding is different to most other funders, in that it offers a single fee with a transparent pricing structure, so the headline rate advertised by RFS is the rate that agencies will actually pay. Mike Findley, Operations Director at RFS explained further,
“Occasionally, the RFS headline rate may be higher than some other funders’ initial rates, but when the additional fees and charges are taken into account – we’ve seen the actual rate charged by competitors being more than double the RFS rate. In monetary terms this can amount to tens of thousands of pounds in extra charges annually”.
This doesn’t just affect recruitment start-ups, although they’re most likely to feel the impact of the additional charges more keenly; but agencies of all sizes can end up paying far more than they need to for their recruitment funding. If you’re interested in finding out more about this service, or want to request a fee comparison report for your funding provider – call 03300 539 439 for a confidential, no obligation chat.

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